Some issues with Docker on IMX board



I am bit new to docker. I did built yocto package with meta virtualization layer.

I did flashed my code onto IMX board (arm -cortex A9). If I login using ssh, I could see various binary related with docker and lxc (docker, dockerd, docker-shim etc). How ever it does not respond to any docker command. Tells no such file or directory. Should I do any other settings to start docker on the board. Is there any way I can see if yocto included all required packages?

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Hi @GPBhagwath, what IMX board you are trying to build for? What yocto setup did you build?

When you see the binaries but linux says “no such file or directory”, that’s usually because the binaries are for the wrong architecture, so it might be that the wrong docker is pulled in, or something like that. It’s hard to tell without any more info.

Can you tell us some more info? Is it possible to see the code that you use to build your yocto image?


This thread looks to have gone quiet, did the build end up working?



It is not yet up and working. I used morty version meta virtualisation layer of yocto. It tells it included docker version 1.12.5.

Imx.6 is Arm Cortex A9 Architecture.

Does Morty meta virtualisation layer include support for 32 bit version?


Have you used the meta-resin layer? We have our own docker recipe in meta-resin:
We do not use meta-virtualization


That is nice to know. Can I use meta resin layer with other yocto layers? Is it compatible with other yocto build or do I need to use all layers from Resin.IO and not any yocto meta folders?


Hi, using meta-resin is detailed in this guide:

This details how to add meta-resin and the required dependencies in order to add support for a board.
This guide is misisng some information due to latest changes that have been done to meta-resin, but it should give you an idea on how to use it. We should also update the guide soon