ResinOS for new architectures


I’m new to both ResinOS and Yocto so this question may be very obvious because I’m overthinking it but here goes,

I’m considering using ResinOS on a new development and see that my board isn’t in the supported list, and want to confirm I can build one (following the “roll your own hardware” instructions).

The board I’m looking at is this one:

I notice a couple of things:

  • ResinOS supports a different board from variscite (irrelevant really but at least you know of them)
  • The above board (DART-MX8M) already has a yocto build which means it has a BSP I can use, right?
  • The imx8m is ARMv8, which I don’t see any support for in prebuilt ResinOS images. Is this an issue or does it not matter if I’m build my own build?



to answer your questions:

Hi Floion,

Thankyou for the quick reply!

The main purpose of my post was to check that it’s possible to easily build an image and that I wasn’t missing something obvious. It appears this is the case so that is great news!

In response,

  • That’s what got me to variscite initially :slight_smile: we need some imx8 stuff though
  • Excellent, glad it can work
  • No I didn’t mean that, I didn’t realise one had been done for armv8 as I didn’t see it listed, but glad to see it should all be fine!

Hopefully try and do this over the next few weeks so we’ll see how it goes.

Once an image is setup, is there interest is adding it to the list of boards on or not really?


Just realised when I looked I didn’t see the artik710 as supported, it was artik5** something. Do you have a link?

Thanks again!

Do you mean on or on ?


I see this repository:
But that board isn’t listed here:

Checking the resinos homepage though, I see its listed though under downloads.
I see your commits a few days ago so I’ll assume that’s the correct repository (to use as a guide)

Who decides which boards are officially supported? Is it possible to get a board added or contribute myself (so that it’s tracked and aware support exists)?


We are currently working in evaluating this board and a collaboration with variscite. In the meanwhile, any contribution on this front is welcomed but we can’t commit to bringing this board in the supported resin ones yet.