Problem Building Using Meta-Resin


I am almost there - i have my yocto environment set up pretty well but I keep getting this:

ERROR: No recipes available for:

I have meta included in the bblayers config file (which is where looks to be). Am I missing another layer?



Hi Andy, can you paste the layers you have included?

Here are the layers you need to have in your bblayers.conf file:

poky/meta \
poky/meta-yocto \
yocto-all/meta-resin/meta-resin-common \
yocto-all/meta-resin/meta-resin-fido \
meta-openembedded/meta-oe \
meta-openembedded/meta-networking \
meta-openembedded/meta-python \
meta-intel \
meta-intel/meta-nuc \
yocto-all/meta-resin/meta-resin-intel \

Also, use the following revision for:

meta-openembedded: use revision 5b0305d9efa4b5692cd942586fb7aa92dba42d59

poky: use tag fido-13.0.0

Also, please note the revision of the meta-intel layer as stated here:

Hope this helps,


thanks for the help! I reconfigured carefully and its cranking along - up to 1600 and still going strong. One thing - the url you gave me is not visible with my bitbucket permissions…



I got everything built - no obvious errors. I then proceeded to take the resin .sdcard image dd it to a USB key and put it in the NUC. It boots to the menu correctly but then says it cant find /initrd and craps out there. Did I miss a step or not click something?

I am so close I can taste it!!! The power! the control!



Hi, can you mount on your PC the first partition of your USB stick and paste the listing of that here please?


I am going to first delete my build directory and recreate everything. I think I have flailed around too much and gotten out of sync.

I will report back.


Its now working… I cleaned out and restarted. The resin-flasher sdcard image is now operational on the NUC!!