[SOLVED] Spotify Connect low volume

Hello, I recently installed the Balena Sound on my raspberry pi 3B and I have been using Spotify Connect connected to the Raspberry P2 with the home theater. I noticed that the volume on Spotify Connect is low, especially in relation to other P2 devices or Bluetooth / AirPlay connections.
I’ve tried a few things, for example: DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM = 1, SOUND_VOLUME = 98 and SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME = 98, but Spotify Connect still has the lowest volume. Any idea how to solve this?

UPDATE: I solved the “problem” as follows, Environment variable -> SOUND_SPOTIFY_DISABLE_NORMALISATION = 1 and SOUND_SPOTIFY_BITRATE = 320. I also set SOUND_DISABLE_BLUETOOTH = 1 (to disable Bluetooth because it is not useful for me, but I don’t know if it made any difference in volume increase)

Hi, good to hear you were able to make it work. It sounds like SOUND_SPOTIFY_DISABLE_NORMALISATION=1 is the thing that solved your issue. Feel free to come back in case you have more questions.

If you still have the will to dig into this one, it would be useful for is if you could confirm the theory - try with only SOUND_SPOTIFY_DISABLE_NORMALISATION=1 and no other modifications.

I can confirm! just tried because I had the same issue, and seems that SOUND_SPOTIFY_DISABLE_NORMALISATION=1 solved it!