Lowest volume level is too high

Hello people! Thanks for a great product, the Mrs is extremely happy to finally have a working multiroom solution.

One problem we have is that in the kitchen, I am running a Hifiberry Amp2. That means the only way of volume adjustment is through the Spotify phone client. Already at 10-ish % volume, the volume is quite loud. Even at the first tick above zero, the volume is still a bit too high for some quiet dinner music.

I had hoped that I could scale the volume span down by setting SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME to lets say 10, but it does not seem to work that way.

Any ideas on how to make the lowest volume setting a slightly lower output? Thanks!

Hello there, balenaSound dev here. Glad you are liking it!

SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME is what the volume adjustment variable used to be in 2.x versions of balenaSound. The current env var to set volume is SOUND_VOLUME (read more here).
You can also set the variable on a per device basis, so you could only lower the kitchen device and not the others if that suits you better.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance!

A solution, that might be of interest to someone else. Instead of just running the Spotify Connect plugin, I shut that down and activated just the Airplay plugin. It allows for much better volume resolution, and I can now set the lowest volume to a mere whisper, where the Spotify Connect plugin was like on a conversation level. Airplay does come with some other drawbacks, like not being able to control it from the Spotify application, and should drain phone battery much faster.