[Solved] Has anyone set up on a CentOS server?

I found the instructions for installing openBalena Server onto Ubuntu, here: https://www.balena.io/open/docs/getting-started

I’m a CentOS guy (Ubuntu is for girls who need desktops ;0) ), so most of the instructions can be easily converted to RH-type terms. I also found reference to installing docker.io on CentOS, here: https://nareshv.blogspot.com/2013/08/installing-dockerio-on-centos-64-64-bit.html which helped.

The problem is, when I try to start the server with ./scripts/compose up -d I get the a message stating that the docker daemon cannot be found, and indeed the daemon is not running…there is no docker unit file. I can however run docker -d without any issue as root

So before I head on down the path of creating one, can openBalena server be ran using the standard docker install for CentOS? Or is docker.io absolutely required?

I can install and run the base docker without any issues, but I just don’t know about docker.io.

Thanks people, for any thoughts.


I’ve installed openBalena just a few days ago on CentOS. I haven’t written down my exact steps, but I’ve installed Docker via the docs on the Docker website. That works fine for me and it’s running fine on a CentOS server.

@webtop yes I did set it up on Centos 7 and here is what I did

        1  yum -y groupinstall 'Development Tools'
        2  yum -y install git openssl-devel net-tools bind-utils docker
        3  systemctl enable docker && systemctl start docker
        4  systemctl status docker
        5  clear
        6  curl -L https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/1.23.0-rc3/docker-compose-Linux-x86_64 -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
        7  chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
        8  useradd balena
        9  passwd balena
       10  usermod -aG dockerroot balena
       11  exit
       12  usermod -aG wheel balena
       13  visudo
       14  systemctl restart docker
       15  cat /etc/group
       16  systemctl status docker
       17  clear
       18  exit
       19  usermod -aG balena dockerroot
       20  clear
       21  groupadd docker
       22   usermod -aG docker balena
       23  systemctl restart docker

Add step to install nodejs, I installed nvm(https://github.com/creationix/nvm) in balena user



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Thank you, very much :slight_smile: