Balena deploy / Docker seems to be unavailable


Hi there !

I just followed the complete guide on . I flashed an SD card and booted my RaspPi 3b+ .

Now running $ balena devices actually shows me my device which is kinda cool.
Next I tried to deploy the sample project “sense-snake” with $balena deploy … but it says:

[Debug] Parsing input…
Docker seems to be unavailable. Is it installed and running?

Now, in the guide above it didn’t mention I need to install docker on my local machine, just the balena-cli. I am running balena-cli on Windows 10. Probably I just need to install docker but … is there a special version I need ? Any setup required for docker so it gets recognized by balena-cli ?

Thanks for any advice !

I installed Docker for Windows. $ docker --version is giving me Docker version 18.09.2, build 6247962. However, when trying to deploy it is still asking for Docker and its unavailability … :frowning:

Turned out that Docker was installed but not actually running. First need to enable Virtualization Feature in my BIOS settings, after that Docker had no trouble to get running. However, $ balena deploy … still reports “Docker seems to be unavailable” … Any ideas ?


So I got the deployment going with
$ balena deploy myApp --logs --source . --emulated --build --docker=//./pipe/docker_engine

I found this command elsewhere on this forum. Still wondering what happend here, anyone care to explain ?
Thanks !

P.S.: The deploy is still failing, but due to another error … :confused:

Success : I finally saw the unicorn :smile: … I had to readd my ca.crt to the system and then restart docker, now it’s working like a charm


Really glad you found your way out of this and got started. Let us know if you hit further issues.

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