Docker seems to be unavailable. Is it installed and running



Hellow I am using open balena and am done with the set up but when Iam trying to deploy using:

“balena deploy myApp --logs --source . --emulated”

I get this error:

“Docker seems to be unavailable. Is it installed and running”

I have tried this solution below to run docker as a non root user but to no avail
please advise/ help needed


Hi @Imran

I would check the user you are running balena delpy has access to docker daemon. If not add the user to docker group with:

$ usermod -aG docker username 

After running this you need to logout and log back in as user, or reload your shell environment, if using bash:

$ bash 

If that doesn’t work us top or ps to check docker process is running.



@Imran I think the suggestion is the best starting point, so if you could do this and test that you can run/start a docker container first, that would be great.

If you still have issues after that then let us know :+1:


Ok it works moving but i am getting a new error during building emulated error code 139 at step 4