Shutdown Bluetooth On Raspberry Pi 3?

Hi everybody,

As I’m using Airplay and Spotify Connect, I was wondering if it was possible to definitively shut down Bluetooth on my raspberry pi 3 to completely avoid the problem between Wifi and Bluetooth ?

Thanx for your futur answers!

Hi, in order to shutdown Bluetooth you can set


Or set it in config.txt before boot.


I don’t know how to do it in config.txt but I did it in “Device configuration”.
The service “bluetooth-audio” is still running but I can’t find the device on my phone so I guess it works.


Hi, another option you have is to completely remove the bluetooth-audio service. You can do that by editing the docker-compose.yml file and removing the following lines:

    build: ./bluetooth-audio
    restart: always
    network_mode: host
    privileged: true
      io.balena.features.dbus: 1
      - bluetoothcache:/var/cache/bluetooth
      - snapcast:/var/cache/snapcast

You will need to re-deploy the application using balena push <app>.


Thanx for your help.
I’ll try your option if the first one doesn’t work. But it seems to work for the moment!

Sounds good! Great to know it’s working.