Raspberry pi 3 b , bluetooth issue ,sound stops after 3-5 seconds

Hi,i am complete newbie to balena os,i was trying to set up balena sound,i succeed in the setup,my device is online, but when i try to play anything via bluetooth it plays clearly for 3-5 seconds, then it stops(using 3.5mm jack).At the time it stops there ia a multiroom error even if i am NOT using multiroom(i have a single raspberry pi 3b),I cannot test Spotify connect as its premium and also i am a android user.
balena-sound_withered-thunder-21.05.21_20_12_00_(+0530).txt (121.9 KB)

I also tried disabling multiroom as I don’t need it.(i was unsuccessful in that as i am a complete newbie

Please help me.Thanks in advance!

I have the same issue with bluetooth and the same Raspberry Pi. According to the documentation, this is a known issue with the Raspberry Pi 3B’s bluetooth module interfering with its wifi module. There are a few suggestions to help in the documentation. I tried disabling multiroom but it did not help me.

How did you disable multiroom,when i tried using SOUND_DISABLE_… it did not work the service would start again

I used the variable SOUND_MODE and set it to STANDALONE

I believe another method is to create a variable DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM and set it to 1.

Thanks! I’ll try that and let you know