Balena Sound - How to disconnect bluetooth service on a raspberry pi 3A+ ?

I have two Raspberry Pis with Balena Sound for multi-room audio broadcasting. I mainly use the bluetooth link to broadcast sound. I wanted to know if it was possible to deactivate the bluetooth service of one of the two raspberry pi so that there is no confusion in the list of bluetooth receivers when I connect my smartphone or other sound source. If so, would you have a procedure to propose?
Thank you

Hello Keng Wai, i don’t know if it’s a good idea to deactivate bluetooth service of the Raspberry Pis. I would suggest to name your devices using Device Environment variable SOUND_DEVICE_NAME and manage the broadcasting from your mobile phone. Does it make any sense for you?

Hello mpous,
Thank you very much for your message. It makes sense for me. I’ll proceed as you suggest.
Thanks !

Great! Let us know if that works on your side :slight_smile: