Services not updating

Hey, thanks for getting back to us with the device. Would this device be considered to be in a development environment ? Will I be allowed to pull some images to run debug tools ? When I’m done I can remove everything I added.

@20k-ultra that device is disused and just sitting on my desk. You can make any changes you like. No need to return to a previous state. It is there to understand the problem. Thanks

Awesome! I really appreciate this opportunity. Such issues are really hard to debug without having access to a device exhibiting the issue. I have seen some similar cases in the past such as Make current release reporting more accurate · Issue #1570 · balena-io/balena-supervisor · GitHub. I’m not sure I can get to using your device today but definitely will on monday.

Here’s a quick step we can perform, try upgrading the Supervisor to the latest version v12.4.3. There aren’t any issues we’ve fixed that I think will be related but useful to try and it’s easy. I had another issue come up that I may have to prioritize over this one so will try my best to keep you in the loop on my progress on your device.

Morning @20k-ultra, I have just powered up the device and the supervisor has finished updating to v12.4.3. I will leave the device powered today. Let me know if there is anything you need from me.

Awesome, thanks. As I mentioned before I got another issue I’m working on which is more severe then this one. Since I’ve been working on this one with you I’d like to continue but if I find that I cannot make progress on this this week I’ll ask another team mate to help out. Let’s be conscience that the support access ends on Friday which is enough time for now but we may have to extended it if I don’t get to this. I am confident I will though.

Hey, I resolved the issue on the other device so I can focus on your device soon!

So I’ve been able to pinpoint what the exact issue is. The device has a database file it uses to keep track of images that it has downloaded. In this database I found entries for images from another application so I guess this device was previously moved. Since there were image records for image-processor more then once the Supervisor thinks that the device has more then 1 release. Usually I can just delete the non-existent image entries now but the oldest record which is referencing another appId actually has an image on the device which is in use. So I need to share this with my colleague to see what they think. I’ll get back to you shortly.

Hey, I asked my colleague to take a look and we found a few more interesting points. Can you extend the support access until next week Wednesday ? We want to take another look at it again tomorrow.

Support access extended until 18th March.

When possible please can you share the other anomalies and how you went about identifying them?

Thanks for persisting with this issue.

Hi there, I am taking a look at your device, but I now see all services with the “Running” state. Did you make any changes? Thank you

Hi @pipex, I have not made any changes.

When I just took a look at the device the services are not updated in my interface, some are in the downloaded state looking as though they are waiting to update. From previous comments I understand that the images are the same but my interface sees them as from the old release. I can run the developer tools command again and share the state from above if that is helpful?

I would like to clarify that this device is not used actively. We have kept it in the current state to allow for debugging. Given the state might just have been brought about by our non standard approach to building for the device feel free to disregard this issue. Let me know if this is the case and I can power down the device.

Also, as an update. The device is generally looking healthy when inspecting it through ssh, except for the extra images in the database Miguel mentioned. It was looking healthy yesterday as well even though the dashboard showed the wrong container state. This makes me suspect we might be dealing with an edge case in the dashboard. We are consulting with the UI team to confirm. Thanks again

Hey, I’m sorry we keep asking you to push the support access. Can you enable it for a few more days as it expires on the 19th ? Balena is doing a summit this week which has taken up lots of our time however, you have been super patient and helpful by providing us this device so trying our best be remain responsive.

Not to worry at all. I had somewhat assumed the issue was a little too niche to warrant further investigation. The device is back online with another week of support access.

Hey, it’s been really hard to get back to you on this given other things that had come up. I’ve been able to get through a backlog of issues I was working on and think I’ll be able to pick this up again.

Do you still have the device and do you want us to keep looking into this ? The device I found in this thread has since either ended support access (expected) or been removed. UUID 8d6e200e7e4820a8d516f17ba05b0d58.