Services keeps on downloading

I have deployed Balena according to the get started guide and my RPI3B booted up, is visible on the dashboard and all seems fine. However, all the services show the status of downloading and when I look at the logs, it seems that it keeps on looping through the img files and repeating the downloads. I see no errors on the log. It cycles through: Supervisor starting… and the 8 .img files, and then again shows Supervisor starting. Since the services are not started, I cannot connect to it.
I downloaded the production image, could that be the issue?

Hi, can you run device health checks from the diagnostics tab?
Also, we could take a look if you allow support access.

Hi, everythig except the Disk is green - Some localdisk issues detected:
test_write_latency Slow disk writes detected: mmcblk0: 1248.35ms / write, sample size 1263
mmcblk0p1: 2723.14ms / write, sample size 7
mmcblk0p5: 1415.23ms / write, sample size 43
mmcblk0p6: 1264.85ms / write, sample size 1164

Happy to give you access if you tell me how.

Thank you for the quick response!

A file has been uploaded using Jellyfish:

And let us know the id of the device.

Hi, I don’t seem to have access to the website / url you sent.

Hello! If you are on the main page, click on the Applications tab (left side) you should be on the /apps url. After that click on the application that your device is part of. Then click on your device from the list and you should be now on the device’s page, the url ends in /summary. There you should see the device’s name and next to the name the 3 buttons shown above (Reboot/Restart/). Though there is no need to grant support access yet. Can you send a screenshot of the health checks. Also judging only by the error you sent above it’s possibly an SD card issue. What class is your SD card, also is it an old one?

Ok, there seem to be more problems now. Let me start by replacing the SD card and then update you with the results. Below are the diganostics currently

Yes many of the failing health checks you see make sense if there is an issue with your SD. Feel free to try a new one, we recommend class 10 and above and come back to us if the issue persist.

Working like a dream, thank you for helping me resolve this issue