BalenaCloud Add release IU broken

Hello guys,

Just a small report on BalenaCloud UI. When we select the Add release button, we cannot select the console text anymore.
See the screenshot :

I am on Firefox on Linux but I don’t think it would matter on this case.

If I try to select the text I only get :

git remote add balena gh_khancyr@git.bale

That is only the visible text.
I can still use the copy button but that copy everything and that isn’t what I need.
I am pretty sure it was working before

From Firefox inspector the text in the page is good, but it miss some CSS to adjust the console window to have the full text or add a slider to be able to select the whole text.

Thanks in advance !

Hello @khancyr

I’ve contacted our UI developers to make them aware of this issue and they have suggested that you can either,
a) triple click the line to select it all, or
b) click and drag your mouse down to the next line.

Regards - Mark

Hello @markcorbinuk,

Thanks for the answer.
It appears that the triple click is working ! But I cannot manage to make the click and drag work, dragging is just selecting the whole page.

I not an UI guy, so I let them decide what is the best, I just find it a little frustrating this way.
Best regards