Etcher won't let me select target

When I choose my ISO file, it won’t do anything, and if I hover my cursor over the buttons, it turns into a “🛇", except for the “Flash from URL” button (where it will stay in an infinite loop if I put a valid URL in), and the “Clone drive” one, where it shows no drives at all. I am in Win11, I have tried reinstalling Etcher, running it as admin, running it with compatibility settings, redownloading the ISO, but nothing works at all.

Edit : I am trying to get an image file that is stored in my SSD to an external flash drive, if it helps. The image is for Nobara 39, downloaded from their official site and I am running version 1.19.21 of Etcher.

this might help:

for me downgrading to 1.18.11 resolved the issue