running VERY slowly on macOS 13.2.1

looking for some help please. looking to flash a file onto a usb flash drive on my 2017 macbook pro but it is running EXTREMELY slow. I’ve tried 4 times now and it either transfers at 0.10 MB/s or 0.20 MB/s. the laptop only has 4 usb-c ports. I’ve tried 3 of them all with the same results. the flash drive has a usb-a & usb-c end and both run at this same extremely slow speed. any way to speed this up? the file is only 2.65 GB and it’s a 256 GB drive. any help is appreciated. thank you.

I have the same issue. I’m trying to flash steam deck os recovery 4 from my M1 MacBook Pro Max running Ventura 13.0.1 and the app says transfer speeds 0.20mbs with an ETA 707m17s (which is crazy). I have tried many different USB sticks, with both A and C, however my issue that is different from the OP is that my Flashing % remains at 0%… Can someone please help as I want to upgrade my SSD in my Steam Deck

That’s what I was attempting to do too! Ha! Really hoping for a fix of some sort.

  1. Copy the SD image to USB
  2. Go to desktop mode on the Steamdeck
  3. Use a multi dock/hub.
  4. Connect a keyboard and mouse to you SD
  5. Connect your USB into dock and copy the SD image from your USB to the desktop. Remove USB
  6. Still in desktop mode. Download the Linux version of the software using Firefox and save it also to your desktop
  7. Reconnect the USB drive again to the SD
  8. Run Linux Etcher + pick up the SD zip file from your desktop
  9. Flash (you may get warning that any existing data will be removed)… and PRESTO!! You have now have your bootable drive!!!

If you’ve downloaded the SteamOS file from Valve it will be a compressed .img file. You need to uncompress the bz2 using Unarchiver or similar. Then it flashes like a dream.


Just created an account to say thanks! Had same problem and it worked

I also created an account to say thank you! A good idea for Balena would be to build in a way to detect when someone has chosen a .bz2 file or other compressed format and provide a warning to the user that they may need to expand/uncompress the file first.

Just made an account for this too, thank you so much for your help