Slow image burn issue

i am trying to burn jetson nano image through balena it its so slow anyone plz help me to resolve this issue.


Wow, that’s indeed quite slow!

  • Can you tell us a bit about what SD card you are using?
  • What version of Etcher are you running? What platform? How is the SD card connected to your laptop? Is it a SD card to USB converter? Can you share details for that

Did this flash eventually complete, Abdul? Did the process speed up at all along the way?

no i wait for 30-45 Minutes and then stop.

I Had Flash This Card Before With Same (OS) Which is Ubuntu 18.04 in 20-30 minutes. i was working On Navidia Jetson nano and installing same libraries in it and in the process it stop showing anything… than i format it and try to flash it again…
My Etcher Version is 1.5.116.
I am Using Samsung’s SD Card and Card Reader.


Is this the only SD card that you are experiencing slow flashing on? If you are able to I’d try using another card, and even another reader if you can.