Flashing never goes above 0%

I am trying to flash an img of SteamOS (7gb) onto a thumb drive, I’ve also tried with a micro SD. Both time I get the img ready and hit flash, it shows flashing at 0% and an ETA of over 700 minutes. The eta and % never change. It’s been sitting on 0% for 15 minutes now. I’m on macOS

Hello, can you provide a link to the image you are trying to flash? If it is compressed or zipped, have you tried unzipping it first prior to flashing?

I had the exact same problem, also with SteamOS, and I, too, was trying to flash the SteamOS .bz2 directly instead of extracting it first and flashing the .img.

And I’m not alone! https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamDeck/comments/11uwwkd/balenaetcher_steamos_reimage_flash_stuck_at_0/

Lots of people are having this issue.

This seems like a bug in balenaEtcher. It shouldn’t just get stuck at 0% when I foolishly provide a zipped file; it should fail with an error message.