Flash Failed...HELP!!

I’m running etcher on a M1 MacBook Pro and I’m trying to flash Kali Linux to a USB Drive but every time it makes it all the way finished and then shows a failed to flash error and the details say failed to unmount and its an invalid drive. I’m kinda new to this so I’m not really sure what to do to fix it.

Any help is greatly appreciated🙂

Hello, we apologize for the problem caused. Did you try with another drive?

Also, what version of the macOS and balenaEtcher are you running? It may be helpful if you check the contents of the developer tools - can be opened by pressing CMD+OPT+I - and paste the errors here.

Marc’s comment about trying another stick to eliminate the USB issue is also worthwhile.

I haven’t tried other usb sticks but I tried with a class 10 SD card I have.
I’m running macOS version 11.1 and etcher version 1.5.115

Could you also post any logs or errors you see in the developer tools console as described above? Thanks!

Hello there,
we just wanted to check back to see if you had any success with flashing your USB Drive. If not, and like suggested above, open the console (developers tools) in Etcher by pressing CMD+OPT+I - and paste the errors in your reply.

I’ve the same issue on Macbook Pro 2017, here is the log flash.log (25.4 KB)

Hi there thank you for the logs! What OS version and ethcer version are you using, and what type of storage medium are you trying to flash, thanks

OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.7
BalenaEtcher: version 1.5.122
Storage: Vgen SD Card 8GB

what makes me confused is the different progress of failure.
for example:
first try failed at 30% progress
second try failed at 50% progress
third try failed at 60% progress
fourth try failed at 80% progress
Fifth try finally succeeded

Hi - have you been using the same hardware each time you’ve had this issue - so the same USB/SD slot and card reader? If so we would recommend trying with different hardware and seeing if the problem still persists.