Running OpenPlotter on BalenaOS

Hello there

I’m a sailor and open source enthusiast and use OpenPlotter for my yacht navigation in preference to other proprietary and highly priced options. I currently simply install it locally on a Pi3 B+ but really like your system of supervised guest containers and would like to run it like that instead.

This appears to be supported however I’m unsure whether I’d end up with a Rasbian image or not.

I’ve posted on their forum where a moderator mentioned he’d done it with some issues.

Any assistance greatly appreciated

Hello Philip, welcome to the Forums, and that sounds like a really cool project!

OpenPlotter seems to provide native tooling for creating a Raspbian image, as you mentioned, and they do that via Docker…but I don’t actually see a version that simply bundles up OpenPlotter into a container (apologies if I am missing it somewhere).

With that said, if they get back to you on their forum with some guidance on how to containerize just the application, then perhaps we can assist! Keep us updated, thanks!

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