Looking for software installation assistance


I have just recently setup a test fleet, and added a Raspberry Pi compute 4 module to the fleet. I am needing to install software but am running into issues ( I downloaded the Cli tool and got it working, but as I indicated above, I’m having trouble).

One of the software packages I am attempting to install has an install script using the following:

sudo bash -c “$(curl -sN https://install.connect.sixfab.com)” – -t Facial-Penniless-Outback-Sandbar-Vastly-Ranging

How can I install this? I thought about using SSH, but I do not have a key, and I’m not sure if this would be the way to go.

There is also one other program I need to install, and it can be found here:

When I attempt to push the Ambianic software I get an error

Any help would be appreciated.



Hey Mike, you probably won’t have any luck installing software directly on the hostOS as it is a read-only OS designed for running containers. You can see a bit more about that in the balena documentation:

So the idea is that any software you want to run needs to be in a Docker container image, and pushed to your device with our CLI tools or Dashboard. You might be able to accomplish this by starting with a simple FROM debian at the top of your Dockerfile then run some of the scripts to install the desired software, but it’s going to take some familiarity with Docker to get everything working.

You could also try one of our Getting Started guides to see the whole workflow to push code to a device:

Would you guys help me out with this if I upgrade?


Hello @elder as my colleague suggested you, any software that you want to install need to run on a container along with the other services that you may have on your fleet.

Following the links shared by him you can learn how to create multi-containers environments. You can read more here.

Find examples of curl installations on Dockerfile templates here. I’m sure you can find more examples on balenalabs github repositories.

Find here a project running on sixfab pi hat in case that this can help you.