Running Crankshaft in a Docker container +

I am just dipping my toes into crankshaft and thank you to all involved for such a fun project.

I’ve done several deployments for other apps on the pi using which runs apps as containers on the pi. This approach is nice particularly around the updates / monitoring / multitasking features that are made available.

Before I start re-inventing the wheel I was wondering if anyone had gone down this path before or if I am missing something that makes this impossible or hard.

It’s a very cool idea to run Crankshaft on balenaOS.

However, right now, it’s distributed as an OS image. Someone would need to do the job of turning this into a set of service that can be described with docker-compose.yaml…

Let’s see if we’ll find the enthusiasts! :slight_smile:

BTW, I think this topic is a better fit for balenaLabs forum. openBalena is dedicated to the open-source version of balena backend which balenaCloud is based on.