Run Balena CLI commands by device name instead of UUID

Hi folks,

Since the Balena CLI does not support addressing devices by name (see discussion here: balena tunnel: device not found (device is active, other CLI commands work)), we wrote a little CLI wrapper utility using the Python SDK to convert names to UUIDs (if needed) before calling the CLI. We found in practice that issuing commands by name rather than UUID made it much easier to be sure you didn’t accidentally perform an operation on the wrong device. Even with a small number of devices it’s very difficult to remember which UUID is which.

Not sure if anyone else needs it, but we opened up just in case it is helpful to anyone: Simply add it to your PATH before the Balena CLI and execute commands normally:

> balena ssh my-device
> balena ssh f9e118bc8f98e761fcec0ad10f8647b0



Thanks for your contribution Adam.