Issue with balena push using device UUID instead of application name


I am facing an issue while trying to use balena push with a device UUID instead of the application name. According to the Balena CLI documentation, it suggests that balena push can be used with the device UUID . However, when I try to push using balena push 8f4d6a2.local --system, I am getting the following error: :upside_down_face:

ENOTFOUND: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND 8f4d6a2.local
I am using Balena CLI version 18.2.2. Am I missing something in my approach? I have checked balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation msbi documentation for guidance but still need help.

Could someone clarify if balena push supports pushing directly to a device using its UUID or if there’s a specific configuration needed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

@stevediaz could you please share more logs of what you do?


The documentation states that you can use “fleet name or slug, or local device IP address or “.local” hostname” but I don’t see a mention of just UUID. However, it sounds like you are referring to the .local hostname which usually starts with the short UUID - unless you changed the device’s hostname. Are you able to ping 8f4d6a2.local or is it listed when using balena scan ? Is the device on the same network as the machine running the CLI?

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