RPI0 Multicontainer update keeps timing out

I have a large multicontainer and I have not been able to update it OTA successfully. It is stuck in a loop where it downloads image and then fails due to ‘connect ECONNREFUSED /var/run/balena-engine.sock’, followed by the supervisor disconnecting.

The last entry in journalctl is balenad[1369]: time=“2020-11-26T03:54:53.191749784Z” level=warning msg=“Health check for container c0011845585bed9a37b1ade1fbb191ef0306397110564f22a05252790e7bf4ed error: context deadline exceeded: unknown”
before shutting down.

Container 1 is 1.09GB and Container 2 is 460MB, however the deltas are 16MB and 11MB respectively. If it is only downloading the deltas a socket timeout seems fishy.

I am using update strategy “kill-then-update”

Any ideas here?


Do you see any errors in Device Health Checks?

Especially around low memory