Pi Zero W update keeps failing

I am using a Pi Zero W to upgrade and old tube radio into a smart stereo. The update via the dashboard along with some of the containers keep failing.
I have tried pausing the release of some of the containers until the update completes but they auto resume.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, could you have a look at the diagnostic page and see if any failed check? If not could you try and run the device diagnostics and share the results here?

outstanding response time thank you.

result of device diagnostic

‘ssh client socket error while initiating SSH connection’

Thanks, just to clarify: did you see this error pop up after pressing the Run diagnostic button? Can you confirm the checks (on the top left there should be a Device health checks tab) are all reported as succeeded?

‘ssh client socket error while initiating SSH connection’ came from device diagnostics.

Device health checks can be seen in the image attached

Are you able to open a connection to the device via the web terminal?

I have granted support access is that sufficient?

We would also need the device UUID to take a look.

Are you able to SSH into the device?

sent via private message

Looks like it has updated

Nevermind. So, what is happening is that the balena engine is timing out while trying to start a container, which triggers a restart. The probable root cause is that the SD card is not handling the load well and stuff starts timing out. In those cases we usually recommend the SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card as from our experience it handles everything well.