RPi Zero missing from device type list

I am trying to add RPi Zero W to an application but a RPi Zero or 1 is not available in the device type list. Is this a bug or have you stopped supporting it?

@mhoejgaard if you are looking on resinos.io , then you can download a “Raspberry Pi 1” image, it is exactly the same as the RPi0

That’s a good start but I guess I won’t have all the nice management features? As far as I understand this is image will not interact with the resin.io. Am I correct?

@mhoejgaard, yeah if you want on resin.io, you just create an Application of type “Raspberry Pi (v1 or Zero)” then download that image.

We might be misunderstanding each other. My issue is that the device type “Raspberry Pi (v1 or Zero)" is not present on resin.io.

That’s certainly not expected. Could you post a screenshot of the ‘DEVICE TYPE’ dropdown extended so I can see what devices you’re seeing?

The issue seems to be gone now - at least the device is back. I’ll post a picture if will I experience it again.

So it appears to be gone again… Should we use Raspberry Pi 2?

To clarify: it seems odd that we can create a new Application and select Zero from the device type, but we cannot download an image from an existing Application.

@drewcovi, are you trying to add an RPI Zero to an already existing RPI3 (or RPI2) application? If that is what you are trying to do, its currently not possible as the RPI Zero’s CPU architecture is armv6l and the 2 and 3 are armv7l.

The current feature for mixed device type fleets is to restrict the device types to the same architecture. So you can add RPi2s to a RPI3 fleet, but can’t add RPI Zeros.

Currently you can only add RPI zeros to an app that was created as an “Raspberry Pi (v1 or Zero)” type.

It does seem like a super strange limitation from an app level.

It would seem that most variables would be applicable across architectures, and both can run node.js.

If anything, I’d expect a more nuanced dockerfile setup perhaps for discrepancies in dependencies, and code the node to the lowest common denominator.

If there’s a true need for v7 exclusive dependencies, offer that as a less flexible option.

But I’ll admit I’m a bit green in this area :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a way to change the current application which has been made by specifying Device Type as Raspberry 2 to Raspberry Pi.

I have quite a bit of Raspberry zero, but not able to use it with the current app where devices are already running. Cause I created it with device type RP2