Pi Zero Not in List

I can’t find Pi Zero in the device list. 2, 3 and 4 and other pi’s, but not the zero but all the literature and help say it should be there.

I’ve seen a few other posts of people who couldn’t find it either but they just stopped.

has support for the zero been removed and the help files and such just not been updated yet?

Hi. Which list you are referring to? We didn’t drop support for the pi zero and that device type is still in the dashboard as far as I can see.

Hi there, is this the “Add device” modal where you’re checking for the RPI zero? I assume you selected a different device type when you were creating the application (eg. RPI3), and since the zero’s architecture is not compatible with the RPI3 one, you can’t add a RPI zero device to your application. What you’ll need to do is create an application with RPI zero as the default device type instead.

@Ereski Specificaly the balenasound one. I installed it and got it working fne on a pi3 and a pi4. and I thought ooh yay, time to tape a zero with usb sound to the back of speakers.

so went and got myself one, but in the list of available devies, there’s an orange zero, and thats it. not even a pi 1

the links do actually work when clicked, not sure why thery’re showing as broken

@sradevski as I said I created it as proof of concept on a pi 3 and 4 I have to make sure it worked how I wanted before I started getting the zero’s. wanted the zero’s cause with a few mods they’re small enough might even be able to tape them inside the speaker (barring wireless connectivity from in there) My idea was have the three as the main one running the master, then have the zero’s running the slaves. says it needed USB sound cards, so I got a couple of them too. he one thing I never did before engaging was make sure the zero was actually on the list to make a package for

@sradevski I just saw your comment on another thread with the same issue about having to create a whole new application and it worked. kinda curious why it needed to as half that list I’d say are different systems to the zero, but it does work and thats the important thing.

Thank you for your help

Hi, answering your question about mixed device types, applications restrict the device types to the same architecture. That means you can add for example RPI2 to a RPI3 fleet (both armv7l), but not RPI zeros (an armv6l). Currently you can only add RPI zeroes to an app that was created as a Raspberry Pi (v1 or zero) type.