Raspberry Pi Zero not in the device list

Hello! I don’t have the Pi Zero in the device list. Is this no longer supported? I see that it was on earlier versions.


Hello Dave,

Are you trying to add the device to an existing application? The Pi Zero is still supported, but it wont be available on the ‘add device’ list for an existing application which was created with a default device type with an architecture that’s not compatible with the Pi Zero (e.g. if existing app is aarch64). In this case you can create a new application, and when doing so you should see the Pi Zero in the ‘Default Device Type’ dropdown.

Please let us know if that doesn’t solve the issue.


Thank you! That is what I was doing wrong. I was trying to add it to an existing app. I created a new one and it is working great! Thanks!

Good to hear that this is resolved : )