Add a device to application

Hello guys

I built an image for a Raspberry Pi 3 and it showing up using
resin local scan:

Reporting scan results

host: *******.local
Containers: 0
ContainersRunning: 0
ContainersPaused: 0
ContainersStopped: 0
Images: 0
Driver: aufs
SystemTime: 2017-07-06T09:32:56.787873133Z
KernelVersion: 4.4.50
OperatingSystem: Resin OS 2.0.8+rev1
Architecture: armv7l
Version: 17.03.1-ce
ApiVersion: 1.27

What is the correct way to add this device to my Application?


Same question. I downloaded, configured and installed the image using the cli, and now that i’ve created a new application in the dashboard, I don’t see how I can add the app to my device.

Please help.

@franzen I think that “promotion” from an unmanaged or self-built device to the managed platform is an ongoing project, will keep you posted! Also checking with the team what way is there, if any, to set things up through the resin-cli.

@amingilani what exact steps did you take, and what resinOS version do you use? From what you said, the order of configuring a device and creating a application might be an issue - a device is configured to an app in the first place, so you need an app first.
Once you created an application, you can run resin config generate --app <APPNAME>, and use that config to resin config inject (and possibly resin config reconfigure if wifi credentials need to be set). But if you share your specific tests, then we can likely help more.

@imrehg I used the getting started guide here, but as I now know, it made me install the image.

I had to redownload an image from my app for this.

@amingilani I think you also build an unmanaged device. If you follow the getting started guide here you will get a device in your application in the dashboard or the cli.

I already have a couple of devices on my application, what I would like to test is to build an image from scratch and add the device with this image to the same application.

Later, my objective is to add a custom board to a second application.