Raspberry Pi Zero Support? Where to find RPi Zero W os Image?

Looking through all the images, I can only see orange pi zero and I don’t think thats the same thing. What should I do to get an image for a Rpi Zero?

Hi, Raspberry Pi Zero is supported, it’s the same device type as the Raspberry Pi 1. You can use that (as internally the two versions of the Pi are the same) Where are you checking images?

In the dashboard shows the type:

In the balenaOS (open source) download page, I see that only Raspberry Pi 1 is mentioned, will open an issue to mention the Zero as well for clarity

Could you give us some more information, what are you doing exactly?

@hax I was just discussing this with my colleague @imrehg who replied above and we thought that you might be trying to download the Pi Zero image from the ‘Add device’ panel in the dashboard? If this is the case the dashboard will only offer the OS images for the devices that are compatible with your application. As the Pi Zero is a different architecture to the Pi 3 for example, it won’t show in that list as we currently don’t support mixed-architecture applications. If you were to create a new application with the Pi Zero as the default device type then it should show up. I hope this helps!

@chrisys Just want to play around with some raspi zeros. Haven’t created anything, only been working with that pi-hole on b+ currently. Ok, good to know, I was trying to find it from the add device panel.

@imrehg Would like to create a fleet of raspi zeros sensors connected to blockchain