RPì 3 B+ not connecting

Hi there. I’m giving a try to balenaSound project, but I have a`problem. My Raspberry Pi is not connecting to balena dashboard. I tried with a lot of different connections, with no results. The OS version is correct, the credentials are fine… Any solution?

Hey, welcome to the balena community! In order to figure out what the issue is, can you provide us with some more information on your setup?

  • What version of Raspberry Pi are you using?
  • What are the steps you did to run balenaSound on your device?
  • Is there a blinking pattern that you see on the Raspberry Pi (see the different patterns here)?

Let’s figure these out first, and we can continue investigating.


Hi there, thanks.
Sure, I’ll give you the details:
-My Raspberry Pi version is 3 B+
-I didn’t pushed balenaSound, since my device
is not showing. But I’m following the official
balena guide (how to make a Bluetooth sound
-Yes, the ACT LED is blinking 4 times

Note: I used to push the balenaSound to another project, but the Raspberry Pi was stuck updating, so I created another and it doesn’t work.

I guess you mean the device is not appearing in the balena dashboard? The 4 times blink pattern usually indicate that the device cannot connect to the internet. Can you give us more details on how you connect your raspberry pi to the network? Is it through WiFi or ethernet? For example if you use WiFi, you could for try to plug it in with ethernet and we could then try to debug the WiFi network connection form the device.

Thanks for the help, but I used another program (bluealsa) to make it, since I needed it for yesterday. I repeat, thanks.