Command-line network access?

Is there a command-line (textual) method to monitor the foldforcovid devices over the network?

Hi Jeffrey,
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Regarding your request, can you please clarify what you are after ?
Is it a text based alternative for what you would see on http://foldforcovid.loca ?
Cheers Thomas

@JeffreyUrban right now if you deploy a Fold for Covid device using the image download from the website it runs balenaOS in a production mode which means it is secured and has no local access. If you wanted to run the same device/OS/software stack what you could do is set the device up on a (free) balenaCloud account of your own and deploy the development version of the OS. This would give you access to a web terminal in the dashboard as well as local SSH access. The GitHub repo has instructions for doing that (we recently added a one-click-deploy button):

My devices are on a remote network where I can access other machines by SSH, so I was looking for a text-based way to see if a device was active and functional. Sounds like the best option for me is to use the development version.
Thanks :slight_smile: