OS update failed?

It did update in two applications, version 2.x to 2.x. First was working fine. Second did als update and rebooting, but also two hours later status in overview is configuring, last status of the devices says “Update successful, rebooting” and online status is “Currently online”.
One of the two containers is displayed on the device and in status “configuring”.

How can I bring back the device to work?
Manual reboot of the devide did not change the situation.

Hi, I’ll send you a private message for the device’s UUID, so we can check things out.

Hi @thomasw, we’ve received the device link, and checked it out.

Seems like the date on the device was wrong (as the NTP service couldn’t synchronize), and even though the new OS was running, the supervisor couldn’t call home to update the status due to wrong date -> TLS certificates not being valid yet.

Looks like the chronyd service failed to start up properly (that we use for network time)

Fixed the date quickly (we have a onliner to set a pretty good date value from an HTTP request):

date -s "$(curl --silent --head | grep Date: | sed 's/Date: //')"

In the meantime we are checking why the NTP time wasn’t set properly, and now restarted the chronyd service, and should be synchronizing the time properly!

Let us know if you have any other issues with the device! And thanks for reporting this!

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Thanks for the support, it works as expected now. :slight_smile:

@thomasw I’ve also got a confirmation from our team, that this issue that you’ve run into is fixed in the upcoming 2.14.0 release of resinOS.

Should be released in the next couple of days, just going through testing.

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