RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_* env variables never get applied


I tried to set my RPi’s config.txt boot file from the dashboard using the RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_ prefix. But they never get applied.

I defined RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem_{256,512,1024} in the Fleet Configuration Page, as a stated by the documentation, but nothing then. Even by restarting the RPi.

So I’m wondering what’s wrong and how/when is the supervisor supposed to be notified of these new host-config vars to apply them and supposedly reboot the device.


Hi Julio,

Did you set the value to 256 or prepend it to the variable? So the variable needs to be RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem and the value 256 for example.


I just figured out that it is only possible with images built through resin’s builder, not with a locally pushed image (command resin local push). The documentation should say it :wink:

The equivalent for ResinOS would be to modify the /boot/config.txt by mounting the boot partition of the img file