Check RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_X inside the device

Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to check the RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_ variables inside a container running on a device with Resin. Specifically on RPI3.

I know that these variables are meant for configuring the OS and the HW itself, so they are not propagated to the docker containers, but is there a way to check them internally? just to check if they are set or not.

I guess that it is already possible to check with the Resin API, but the question here is regarding the device internally (without needing internet/resin credentials)


Hi @adrian,
the device variables should be visible inside the container. You can try and run printenv from inside the device to see the full list of env vars.
Let me know if that works out for you.

Yes, I already tried to “printenv” but that just gives the common environment variables. I want to check the RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_ variables, the ones that are set on the Device Configuration tab in ResinIO for advanced settings.
Those variables don’t appear on a simple “printenv”, I don’t know where are they stored, but seems that is not propagated to the docker containers.

the variables that start with “RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_” are used to configure advanced boot options and once they are defined, are added in the config.txt file which is in the boot partition of your SD card.
You can read more here: