RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay with multiple values

I’m working on a project which requires both serial port and LIRC.
I’ve used RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt to configure my serial port ( And it worked perfectly.

However I’m not sure how I can enable lirc, as I need a second dtoverlay entry in my config.txt for LIRC:

Docs indicate that multiple dtoverlay entries are allowed:

However I can’t create a second env variable named RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay which is understandable.
How would I go about that?
Is my only option manually modifying /boot/config.txt?
Is there a syntax to supply a lost of values for RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_?


Hi @Leonti,

There isn’t great support for this right now through our remote config.txt management - as you’ve noticed, you need an environment variable per line, and those variables must be unique.

As a simple workaround, if you’re just looking for exactly two entries, you can use RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay and RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_device_tree_overlay, as the pi accepts that long form as an alias.

If you’re looking for more than two entries though, right now this isn’t supported through our remote config.txt management, and you’ll have to set this up the hard way, by manually modifying config.txt yourself.

Hi @tim!

Yes, for now it’s only 2 entries so thanks for the suggestion, didn’t know about the device_tree_overlay.

Hopefully multiple values will get implemented at some point, but for now it’s good enough :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and for the awesome product! is amazing :smile:

cc @pcarranzav ^

Hi! still don’t supported multiple params into DTOVERLAY? my soundcard need to be enabled using this and to work well into ALSA need to add i2s-mmap overlay too… can’t pass both params with “,”?

Hi, multiple params in dtoverlay are now supported. What board are you targeting?

I’m working with, to work well without XRUN (I can’t made work perfect yet!) need activate i2s-mmap for ALSA

  • enable the sound card

Thanks! can confirm that I can pass:



Yes, you should be able to use it like