Resin device wont download the latest release

I have a device in an application that wont install the latest push/release. I’ll grant support access to let you guys check it out. thanks.

Hi, can you share the UUID with us here to know where to look?

here’s the uuid. 69cd3e6. thanks! :slight_smile:

hi guys! any update? :slight_smile:


The supervisor on your device might not start up properly, because of overlapping networks error. I removed existing network info and restarted the supervisor, and it’s downloading the latest release now.

Hi guys, im having the same problem with a device with this uuid, 2da5768da0c5954d659df0da22c91f9a.
Granted support access. Thanks!

Also, is there something we can do to fix this ourselves and not have to rely on you guys?

also happening with device with uuid 06b62311ebc2b2d47f01799c1b2e13e4. thanks again!