Releases get cancelled

Hi all,

I’m busy with creating a release, but the releases get cancelled every time even though all containers were built successfully.

I’ve tried creating a release with balena push <APP_NAME> and with git push balena master, but both seem to fail / get cancelled afterwards.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? It’s not the first time that I’ve created a release this way, so I doubt that there’s something wrong on my side?

Thanks in advance!

Hi all.
Same problem here. git push balena or balena push end with no error but in the balena dashboard i see that the releases are cancelled.
The exact same command worked till last week.

Is it possible you start multiple builds in parallel?
In this case, our builders build the most recent release and cancel others.


I’m the only one that can build and I’ve just started one build at once. So it’s not multiple builds parallel.

I’ve tried it again but it still gets cancelled.

@bartv, Would you grant support access to the application or to a single device that would get affected by the release (if it wasn’t canceled)?

I haven’t “released” the release yet to devices, because I didn’t know whether I could use them or not. So there isn’t a device affected by the release at this moment. I still can grant you support access if necessary to a device or the applications (if possible) if you only check the releases, because some of the devices are used in the field.

@bartv @sergio We rolled back a recent update to our builders.
Could you please check if the release does not get canceled for you anymore?

Also, I’ll appreciate if you confirm you have been using a single-container workflow (not having a docker-compose file in your project).

I’ve tested it again, but it still says “Cancelled”.
I’m using a multi-container workflow, so with docker-compose.yml.

@bartv Would you grant support access to your application?

I’ve granted support access. The application ID is 1259046.

Is it possible to try the build again, just to make sure that the time of the build did not coincide with the time our rollback was applied.
Kind regards,


I’m currently building the release again. I’ll update you when it’s finished!

It’s still cancelled unfortunately

Ok, I will go back to speak with my team. Will keep you updated as we progress.

Thanks for checking it out. We want to create a release tonight for our devices, so they can be installed overnight. Any ETA on this issue?

Hey, it looks like our rollback did not properly complete and unfortunately a single instance of the buggy builder was still in production. We’ve reprocessed the rollback, and ensured it was successful. Your builds should now go through fine, and we’re continuing to look into the root cause. Thanks for your patience with this.

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Thanks for your response. I’ve tested it and it succeeded. The state is not “Cancelled” anymore but “Succeeded”. So thanks for that!

I hope you guys find the root problem, so it does not happen again! :slight_smile: