Every build gets cancelled

I’ve been trying to push updates today over the air and every build gets cancelled. Previously when a build would get cancelled usually another try or two would work but this afternoon I can’t get a single one through.

The only thing I see in the logs is:

[Info] Starting build for solvere-app, user adam_lee
[Info] Dashboard link: https://dashboard.balena-cloud.com/apps/1486429/devices
[Info] Building on arm01
[Info] Pulling previous images for caching purposes…
[Success] Successfully pulled cache images
[Info] Starting to build api
[Info] Starting to build app
[Success] Successfully built service api
[Success] Successfully built service app
[Info] Uploading images
[Success] Successfully uploaded images
[Error] This build has been cancelled
[Error] Not deploying release.

Is there anywhere I can look to get more information?

Are you using "git push", or "balena push", or something else? If you are using balena push, you can set the DEBUG=1 environment variable:

Linux or macOS:

DEBUG=1 balena push ...

Windows “cmd.exe” command prompt:

set DEBUG=1
balena push ...

I’m using “git push”.

I’ll get the CLI installed.

If you would like to try the balena CLI, the installation and usage instructions are at:

But git push should work too. Is git push still not working for you? It’s odd. I just tested it and had no problems. I have also found backend (builder and git) log entries for your app name, “solvere-app”, but so far not an explanation for “This build has been cancelled”.

My very first push with the CLI worked after 13 cancelled builds with git.

@adamlee I am glad it worked out!
Anything let us know!

All the best

The one thing I have noticed now though is that the CLI never finishes. I get the unicorn and then it just sits. I wind up having to kill it every time even though every single build I’ve done since switching to the CLI has succeeded.

Hi @adamlee , thats pretty strange. Do you see any errors or logs when running the push with DEBUG=1 ?

I don’t really see anything weird with debug on, though when killing the process I do get this message:

Received SIGINT, cleaning up. Please wait.

Hmm, that seems like the process is just continuing even and not getting the notification of the end of the stream from the builder. Can you create an issue to track this on https://github.com/balena-io/balena-cli/issues and detail your exact OS version and CLI version. If we can reproduce it, it should be fairly easy to fix. Thanks for the report!

Awesome, thanks again @adamlee