Recurring build failures

Hey all,

I can’t get a build to complete to save my life right now. I got one good one last night, but then all builds stopped completing, even though I hadn’t changed anything significant in the code. It looked like a remote issue, so I left it until this morning, but it’s not any better now. The output of the build itself appears to indicate success, except at the very end, after every thing has completed successfully, it says there was an error. And the result status in balenaCloud shows the build was cancelled be me, which it was certainly not.

Build output attached: build-output.txt (92.5 KB)

Edit to add: small-build.txt (5.5 KB)

Any ideas?


Do you have a Balena.yml file with a version: line in it? Or some other way of submitting a version like that? May be that it is clashing with a version from an earlier push. Each push needs a unique version in balena.yml. Or take the version line out of the balena.yml

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Thank you @Maggie, that was the problem. I was not aware of the version requirement in balena.yml file until just now.

This message tried to tell me the problem, but is written too confusingly to be of any value:
[Error] Error:: It is necessary that each release that has a release version1 and has a status that is equal to “success” and is not invalidated, belongs to an application that owns exactly one release that has a release version2 that is equal to the release version1 and has a status that is equal to “success” and is not invalidated.

Also, for the balenaCloud team, a requirement like that should cause the build to fail immediately, not wait until the build has run through all of its steps successfully before emitting a cryptic error and appearing to otherwise be successful, but failing. And it should be logged as a failure, not a cancellation by the user.

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Thank you for reporting this @koyaanisqatsi and thanks for helping @Maggie you both rock!

I just sent the feedback to the team and I hope that we will be able to improve this.