Recover an (almost) bricked device?

Hi there, we have a device in app 273912 called delicate-wood, which has a bad deployment, preventing a fix to be pushed thorough.

Are you able to get into the host OS and manually replace the contents of the /start script in the broken container with:

iptables-restore < /data/rules.v4
sleep 3600

That should restore container access without having the re-flash this device…


If you could grant support access on that device, and PM the dashboard link (I’ll send you a PM to reply to in a moment) then the Monday team will be able to look at this.

Support access should be enabled.

Device link received via PM.

This has been sorted, cheers!

Couldn’t get into the container because it was restarting all the time. In the end it was fixed by removing the user application container/image, and letting the device to download the the new version that I believe contained the proper behaviour.