Device status ONLINE but cannot connect, update, read log

Hello, I’m experiencing this blocking issue on a device that was on field:

  • when connected to the host wifi, device is shonw as online
  • unfortunately logs are empty, ssh console doesn’t start and ssh access through resin ssh

Device uses a .prod host os so I cannot investigate host logs to know what’s going on.
What should I do to collect some useful information from host and avoid reinstalling from scratch?


can you send us in a private message the link to your dashboard url for this device in order to investigate more and grant us support access please?

Thank you

sorry @izavits I can’t figure out how to send PMs…

Click on the user, when the pop-up appears you should see a blue box labeled ‘Message’.

NOP, no blue box present. I even tried writing to the resin-io group but upon sending the message I get a “You’re not allowed to send messages to this member”

For the group I believe that’s intended behaviour but you can message me now and I’ll have a look at your device


We’ve fixed your device and restarted the update. Now it is running the latest released version. The problem was that when update was triggered there was a docker corruption which needed to be handled manually. After fixing that, everything went fine. We are investigating why this corruption happened in the first place but in the meanwhile your device is back and fully operational.


Thank you very much. this device is now working!
I’ll probably need your help on another device with same problem: 9e8acafcff5c6b4c787941bf00c91381
I’ll ask my colleagues to turn it on and keep it powered, then I’ll write back hoping you could kindly fix it too.

Best regards

Sure. Just ping us when needed.

Just checking whether you are still facing issues with device 9e8acafcff5c6b4c787941bf00c91381 . Did you have the opportunity to turn it on?
Please also remember to grant support access and ping us.