is there support for Raspberry Pi Zero 2 w?


I am new to using balena cloud and have been following a tutorial here: Raspberry Pi Powered Live Train Station Desktop Sign -

I have got all the steps to work (I think they work anyway), but I have had to use a raspberry pi Zero 2 w instead of the raspberry pi Zero w.

In the setup I just used the raspberry pi zero w as the option for the new Zero 2 was not available.

Does anyone know if this might be the reason when the device is not showing up in my devices dashboard?

If so do we know if there is going to be support added for the new zero 2 w?

Apologies, just seen this thread: Raspberry Pi 2 Zero Support - Product support - balenaForums

I’ll keep checking back to see if support is added for Pi Zero 2 in the near future, and see if I can get hold of a Pi Zero w for my project in the mean time.

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