Raspberry Pi 1B/Zero W not included in device_type list

Hi there!

Balena sound works really great for me and I enjoy using it a lot!
However, the less powerful models 1, 1B, and Zero W are not included in the device list when trying to deploy to a new device.

The support table still includes these models…

Will it work if I deploy it using the CLI instead of the automatic “deploy with balena” approach?

Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty sure performance is the reason devices are not included on the supported device list.

According to the list you linked they should be supported as multiroom clients and in standalone operation or am I missing something?

You aren’t missing something, I missed something. Sorry!

I just checked and the rpi 1/zero device type is not only available but selected by default.

Hi there, is this the “Add device” modal where you’re checking for the RPI zero? I assume you selected a different device type when you were creating the application (eg. RPI3), and since the zero’s architecture is not compatible with the RPI3 one, you can’t add a RPI zero device to your application. What you’ll need to do is create an application with RPI zero as the default device type instead.

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This is exactly what happened! :smiley:

Creating a new application solved the issue.

Will multi-room snapcast still work when connected to the same network with devices that live inside different balena applications?

Hi Niklas,

Glad that worked for you!

Answering your followup question: yes, multi-room should still work even if devices are in different applications as long as they are running on the same local network and the client configured with the local IP for the master.

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