Raspberry Pi V2 Camera not working with balenaFin

Hi there!
I am facing a problem that the balenaFin v1.0 isn’t recognising the Pi Cam v2. I am using Raspbian Lite (customised for the Fin) and it is being connected through VNC. The Pi Cam is all okay cause I have connected and used it with Pi 4B and it works like a charm. I am using the command ’ raspistill -v -o test.jpg ’ but the results come as of below -

I request to please help me solve the problem!

Hi there,
this message comes usually with sunny/flex cable connections.
Could you please send us some pictures where we can see how the cables are connected. It would be great if you send us how you connected the Module in the Fin, and have images where the cable connection is clearly visible, from both sides.

There you go ! -

Front Side :point_up_2:

Rear Side


I just looked at my own Fin and cable, and mine seems to go in much further to the point where I can literally just see the tips of the connection pads. Maybe try and see if yours too is properly seated.

Otherwise you’re using the correct connector and orientation.

Hi @richbayliss! Well after you said so I tried many times but unfortunately it isn’t pushing any further in the port…can you please suggest some other process which I will try on to get this thing going ?


Just to confirm, are you following these steps to connect the camera -

  • power off device
  • pry open the connector using a plastic spudger or your fingers
  • push the cable in - the orientation of the cable is important here. Wrt to the connector, the cable should look like this
  • push the moveable part of the connector back in

Can you share a photo of the camera mounted to your Raspberr Pi and in a working state as well?