Unable to get cam1 to show

Is there a tutorial for how to setup cam1 to connect to a raspberry camera?
I have tried toggling the switch underneath the balenafin board to “cam1” instead of “disp” and the led of the camera module attached went off, instead of permanently staying on before when the switch was still at “disp”.
However, when i do a “ls /dev/” after doing a " modprobe bcm2835-v4l2", the camera module remains undetected. The camera module has been verified to be working when we plugged it into cam0 instead. Please assist, thank you.


Please see these instructions and let us know if it worked https://www.balena.io/fin/1.1/docs/developers/#Dual-camera-mode?


Yup, it worked. Thanks so much :smile:

Good to hear it worked.