BalenaFin dual camera issue

I have issues getting two cameras to work on BalenaFin. I’m confident that the cameras aren’t an issue since they work OK with other raspberry pi devices I have. I also have two BalenaFin boards and both are behaving similarly.

I followed the instructions here: to no avail. First I flashed the board with Etcher using Raspbian-Fin-full.img. I copied the dt-blob.bin file to the /boot folder and flipped the switch to CAM1.

If I run “vcgencmd get_camera” it says that there are two cameras supported and two cameras detected. I can run “raspistill -cs 0 -o image0.jpg” and it shows up fine. If I run “raspistill -cs 1 -o image1.jpg” I get an error message telling me that there was no data received and that I should check the cable. If I swap the cameras I can still only view the camera connected at CAM0 and not the one connected to CAM1. I’ve tried at least four different cameras and at least as many cables.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

Hey, I’ve forwarded this to team members who should know more but they aren’t likely to be around until tomorrow

I’m looking for anything at this point. Since I’m pretty much stuck. Given that the board detects the two camera it means that all dt-blob.bin buisiness is doing it’s job, right? Without it I only get one camera supported and one detected. Is there some other flag that needs to be turned on/off? I remember that some of the other boards required I2C either on or off, don’t remember anymore. Could there be something like that?

By the way I did all of this with a fresh image out of the box and no other software tweaks, change in settings, etc.

I know the team responsible for the Fin development has a few members on emergency leave, so I would hope we can get a response for you soon.

Hi, just to let you know that the Fin team are looking into this and we’ll update you once we have more information

Sounds good. Let me know if there are any troubleshooting steps you’d like me to take on my end.

Any updates on this?