Pushing inkyshot

Currently trying to push the latest version of inkyshot on my rPi zero W. I put the flashed microSD card into the rpi. I am repeatedly getting 4 green flashes on the rpi and no other connections. According to other forums loader.bin is possibly corrupted, I have reflashed it a few times as well as attempted to use another microSD. After multiple attempts I have got nothing, does anybody know any other possible issues?

Hello @MM2020

actually 4 green blinks means the Pi Zero W is not able to connect to the Internet. Read more here Troubleshooting - Balena Documentation and let us know if you can solve this.

I see. I had set up a hotspot via my iphone as to connect to my campus’ wifi I’ll need the rpi’s MAC address. During the preperation process of the SD card I had input my hotspot SSID and password and ensured the hotspot was turned on. When I plugged in the rpi with the set up SD card I guess it was not able to detect my hotspot. In that case it should have generated an access point where my iPhone couldve connected; unfortunately I was not able to find any points even after it was on for ~20 minutes or so.

@mm2020 are you able to connect your pi to any other network? Does it exhibit the same behavior? If so, then the issue might be with your cellular network.