PI not coming online


Normally when I flash an SD card and insert it in my raspberry pi, it comes online straight away.
This stopped working. They do not come online anymore. I only have 4 other devices. Any ideas on where to start debugging this? (yes, the wifi password is correct :))

Hi @sanderb

To be clear, your 4 other devices are online? Are you flashing the same image in the SD card as the previous ones? What Raspberry Pi version are you using? (PiZero/1/2/3/3B+?). What OS version is it?

Could debug things as:

  • check that the image is appropriate for the given Pi version
  • connect the device with an Ethernet cable, which should not rely on wifi, if that is an issue
  • can flash a development version image, and then you can either use a USB-to-UART cable, or this PiUART to connect to the device over serial, and see any logs there

These are some ideas, let us know if you have a chance to try things!